“The Telesto fund investment mandate is to generate attractive returns uncorrelated to traditional markets in all market environments, including during times of rising volatility and market stress. The Telesto Fund targets predictable and stable returns of 5 to 7 % net per year investing across a range of carefully selected dissociated investment ideas”


attractive return

moderate risk

low volatility

We see opportunities, we give ideas


Our customers like to refer to us as investment innovators. We spend a lot of time, energy and passion to discover true and innovative ’investment pearls’. During our journeys, we encounter more than 250 funds and private equity managers per year, resulting in a selected handful of distinctive ideas.

Our preferred criterias :

  • Returns with low or no market correlation
  • Moderate Risks
  • Predictable returns - we favour recurrent Cash flows producing strategies
  • Maximum 5 years investment horizon
  • Proven Track Record
  • Clearly identified risks
  • Transparency
  • Full understanding of underlying strategy

What is in the Telesto Fund today ?

Our portfolio today is diversified around fifteen different strategies non correlated to the financial markets but also non correlated between themselves.

The managers behind them have been selected for their excellence after a long due diligence process and based on the criterias explained above.

We do not leverage

Our portfolio is spread among various niches such as nursing homes, developped and rented schools, German Nursing Homes & residential opportunities but also invests in various secured lending strategies and Micro Finance. The portfolio is also populated with smaller satellite strategies which also help to diversify and take advantage of smaller opportunities.

Although we invest around the globe, we tend to favor opportunities in stable, developed and legally well secured countries like Germany, United Kingdom, United States of America,...

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